Friday, 27 December 2013


"South Beach" RULES OF SLIMMING - Replace carbohydrates proteins. Instead of starchy foods and sweets to eat foods rich in proteins, as well as vegetables. It should be one hundred percent to give up alcohol, dairy, trans fats and technological products food (sugar, potatoes, pasta), exclude fruit. What can you eat? Permitted foods include lean meat, poultry, fish, shellfish, cheese, nuts, and eggs.

The amount of food at one time should be within reasonable limits, eliminate overeating. The first phase of the South Beach diet lasts 14 days. According to the theory's method, the initial stage of weight loss in the body triggered a kind of "toggle". Usually, if we want to have - we pull into the mouth everything we see, and therefore recruit overweight. South diet will help "switch" toggle. In the first two weeks of slimming remove excess carbohydrates, and then enters a healthy diet. This news is resource by:

Menu phases: Breakfast: 250 ml natural tomato juice, protein omelet with fried mushrooms, tea / coffee with milk and calorie-free sweeteners instead of sugar. At lunch, a small piece of solid non-fat cheese.

Lunch: Green salad with tomatoes, canned tuna and green beans, oiled. Low fat cottage cheese snack.

Dinner: grilled steak, broccoli or any other sprouts steamed, fried tomatoes pesto sauce.

Low-carb - Food that was initially banned, now appears in the diet. Basically, you can eat almost everything, that's just flour and sweet ascending glycemic index.

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